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memory catsThank you Sarah Brightman, and of course Andrew Lloyd Webber. We all treasure our memories. It’s when they begin to desert us that our problems begin. Is it an age thing? Is it only temporary, nothing more than what the professionals call a ‘senior moment’? Is something catching up to us? Something ominous?


Show us a senior who hasn’t experienced a “senior moment” and we’ll tell you he or she has blocked it out. Those frustrating lapses of memory come with the territory. Where do you fit? Let’s start with “The Name Game.”   [Open]


SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN COLLAGEThe current issue of Scientific American magazine challenges the theory
that mental illness is a genetic inevitability. It’s a bit technical, however their conclusion that a combination of improved diet, physical exercise, and mental and social stimulation can curb the onset of cognitive decline is very encouraging.  [Open]



where-s-poppa-ruth-gordon-george-segal-1970Sensitive as the subject of this blog may be, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to include a short preview from “Where’s Poppa?” the hysterical 1970 movie starring Ruth Gordon and George Segal.   [Open]



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5 thoughts on “Featured in this Blog:

  1. Great blog. I do think that, even as a not-quite-senior, lack of concentration or distraction accounts for a lot of what we might call, “memory loss” or a “senior moment.”
    I love that you included a clip from “Where’s Poppa”!


  2. This is great Dad! I so “remember” (ha ha) going with you and Mom to see “Where’s Poppa?” I don’t think I’d ever heard you laugh so hard. Cracks me up just thinking about it. Makes me want to see it again!


    • “Mindfulness”……..sounds fascinating Emily. I will look into it. Actually few people, myself included, are bold enough to venture too deeply into their respective psyches. On the other hand, my beautiful assistant Jen, who holds down two or three jobs at a time practices as well as teaches meditation She is a firm believer in it’s benefits.


      Cousin Geoff Nate


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